all MSRTC Buses list :


The basis service of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation which connects entire Maharashtra. This service serves all small and big towns of Maharashtra, irrespective of revenue and road conditions.

The main target of this service is to serve a huge mass of passengers and not to make profit. The service also offers concession to senior citizens, war widows, freedom fighters, physically handicapped and students. Major number of busses of MSRTC serves under ordinary service.


The Hindi meaning of Parivartan is change, as the name indicates Parivartan is changed face of MSRTC ordinary bus service which offers comfortable service to mass passengers. For serving Parivartan 2×2 buses are used and fare structure is exactly similar to ordinary bus service. Concessional schemes are also available under this service similar to ordinary service.


 Asiad is semi-luxury non sir conditioned 2×2 bus service. Typically busses under this service are of white and green with blue band on their lucrative. Initially MSRTC started this service between Pune and Dadar which got very good response of passengers. After the success of Pune-Dadar route MSRTC start Asiad service on other bus routes also. Now days this service is available among all cities of Maharashtra. In 2010 color of Asiad buses changes to purple and shiny white. Below are the popular Asiad bus routes-
Pune – Dadar
Pune – Nahik
Pune – Sangli
Pune – Kolhapur
Pune – Tasgaon
Pune – Aurangabad
Pune – Thane
Mumbai – Satara
Mumbai – Nasik
Miraj – Nashik


This is an air conditioned bus service of MSRTC which runs between major cities of Maharashtra. The service is run through world class Volvo B7R buses. Initially this service was started on Pune-Dadar bus route, after that extended to all major cities of Maharashtra. Few buses under Shivneri service are also connect Maharashtra to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa (Panjim) etc.


This service is one of the recent service of MSRTC. Under this service semi-luxury air conditioned 2×2 buses are used. The fare of sheetal bus service is lower than Shivneri and higher than Asiad bus service. Till 2010 this service is available on Pune-Dadar route only and now MSRTC have plan to extend this service.

MSRTC City-Bus: 

It’s the city bus service runs in various cities of Maharashtra. Cities buses provide service to passengers of small town and semi urban areas.

MSRTC Daily conducted tours: 

A single day tour operated by Asiad buses. Typically two types of tours are available. One is Aurangabad to Ajanta Caves and second is Aurangabad to Ellora Caves.

Yatra(Festivity services): 

The bus service for passengers who want to visit various festivals of Maharashtra.

Parcel Courier service: 

This service is to provide courier and shipping cargo services.

Tourism packages: 

Under this service passenger and buy a single ticket and visit selective group of tourist destinations in Maharashtra. Groups are created on the basis of tourist destinations of a district to which they belong.

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