Literacy Rate In India 2023: State Wise Literacy Rate

Literacy Rate in India in 2023: as a citizen of India, we must be aware of a great country’s facts. India is the largest democracy on the whole Earth. This great title gives respect and assures us of our fundamental duties. 

According to its population, India, the 2nd largest country in the world, has a problem with the literacy rate. To deal with the same, every individual must consider making societal changes. Today, we will get detailed information regarding the Indian Literacy Rate and how to deal with it.

According to official data, the overall Literacy Rate in India is about 75%. Think about that 25% of the country who don’t get a primary education, which is their right to obtain and improve their living. Our government is trying to do everything possible to reach the primary education of needy people.

India’s Literacy Rate 2023:

Literacy Rate In India

 You will be surprised to know that Kerala is the most literate state in our country. At the same time, it is sad to say that Bihar is the least literate state in our country.

Kerala has a literacy rate of 97.4%, while Bihar has about 70.9%. Meaning that in Kerala, out of the 100 individuals, 94 are educated, and they make decisions and life strategies. Still, Bihar has only 62 educated people out of 100, which needs to be higher. 

To increase the literacy rate, every literate person in Bihar must think about the illiterates and think about them doing some for their education or even primary education, which is their fundamental right.

Literacy Rate In India State-Wise:

Let’s look at India’s State-wise literacy rate as of official data:

States & Union Territories Male
Literacy Rate %
Literacy Rate %
Literacy Rate %
Andaman & Nicobar 90.1181.8486.27
Andhra Pradesh73.459.566.4
Arunachal Pradesh73.6959.5766.95
Dadra and Nagar Haveli86.4665.9377.65
Daman & Diu91.4879.5987.07
Himachal Pradesh92.980.586.6
Jammu & Kashmir85.76877.3
Madhya Pradesh81.265.573.7
Tamil Nadu87.977.982.9
Uttar Pradesh81.863.473.0
West Bengal84.876.180.5
All-India 84.770.377.7

The data or information regarding the literacy rate is provided above areas of the 2011 census. The latest data regarding the literacy rate is about to be announced by 2023.

India’s literacy is expected to jump by 7-9%. To make India the most literate country, we as a society must work on it and make it possible in every crucial way. The caste categories: Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes in our society must get a lot of care and support regarding education from literate individuals.

In this way, we got detailed information regarding the Literacy Rate in India in 2023. Even after reading this article, ask for your valuable comments if you have more queries. We will answer all your questions and queries.

FAQs About Literacy In India –

What is India’s literacy rate in 2023?

The literacy rate in India is 77.7 percent, 84.14 for males and 70.03 for females.

Who is India’s most literate state in 2023?

Kerala retained its position by having a 96 percent literacy rate.

Who is India’s least literate state in 2023

Andhra Pradesh, with a literacy rate of 66.4 percent least literate state in India

What is the female literacy rate in India?

The female literacy rate in India is currently at 70.3%, which means that out of every 100 Indian women, only 70 are literate.

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  1. to make india as progressive country, it is imperative that every child must get education up to 10 plus 2 level free of cost and it must achieve 99,9% literacy rate, if it wants to progress fast at world level. our politician and planner must ensure that every child must get at least primary education free of cost. thanks

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