List Of Districts Of Maharashtra

Districts of Maharashtra: Maharashtra is one of the 29 states in India. it was formed on 1 May 1960 and it is located in the western region of the country. Maharashtra state shares a border with Gujarat to the north, Chhattisgarh and Telangana to the east, Karnataka to the south, and Goa to the west.

The state has a population of over 11.42 crores people, making it India’s second-most populous state after Uttar Pradesh.

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra and the financial capital of India, houses the headquarters of most of the major corporate & financial institutions. India’s main stock exchanges & capital market, and commodity exchanges are located in Mumbai.

Maharashtra has divided into 36 districts. Each district has its own unique culture and history. In this post, we list all 36 districts by their name and unique identity

List Of Districts In Maharashtra

Maharashtra District Map:

Maharashtra District Map:

List Of Districts In Maharashtra:

NoNameAdministrative DivisionFormedArea (km2)Population (2011 Census)Literacy (%)
1AhmednagarNashik1 May 196017,0484,543,15980.22
2AkolaNAGPUR1 May 19605,4281,813,90688.05
3AmravatiAmravati1 May 196012,2352,888,44582.5
4AurangabadAurangabad1 May 196010,1003,701,28261.15
5BeedAurangabad1 May 196010,6932,585,04968
6BhandaraNagpur1 May 19603,7171,200,33468.28
7BuldhanaAmravati1 May 19609,6612,486,25875.8
8ChandrapurNagpur1 May 196011,4432,204,30773.03
9DhuleNashik1 May 19607,1952,050,86271.6
10GadchiroliNagpur26 August 198214,4121,072,94260.1
11GondiaNagpur1 May 19995,2341,322,50767.67
12HingoliAurangabad1 May 19994,5261,177,34566.86
13JalgaonNashik1 May 196011,7654,229,91776.06
14JalnaAurangabad1 May 19817,6871,959,04664.52
15KolhapurPune1 May 19607,6853,876,00177.23
16LaturAurangabad Division16 August 19827,1572,454,19671.54
17Mumbai CityKonkan1 May 19601573,085,41186.4
18Mumbai SuburbanKonkan1 October 19904469,356,96286.9
19NagpurNagpur1 May 19609,8924,653,57084.18
20NandedAurangabad1 May 196010,5283,361,29268.52
21NandurbarNashik1 July 19985,9551,648,29546.63
22NashikNashik1 May 196015,5826,107,18774.4
23OsmanabadAurangabad1 May 19607,5691,657,57678.4
24PalgharKonkan1 August 20145,34480
25ParbhaniAurangabad1 May 19606,2511,836,08655.15
26PunePune1 May 196015,6439,429,40880.78
27RaigadKonkan1 May 19607,1522,634,20077
28RatnagiriKonkan1 May 19608,2081,615,06965.13
29SangliPune1 May 19608,5782,822,14362.41
30SataraPune1 May 196010,4803,003,74178.52
31SindhudurgKonkan1 May 19815,207849,65180.3
32SolapurPune1 May 196014,8954,317,75671.2
33ThaneKonkan1 May 19604,21411,060,14880.67
34WardhaNagpur1 May 19606,3101,300,77480.5
35WashimAmravati1 July 19985,1501,197,16074.02
36YavatmalAmravati1 May 196013,5822,772,34857.96

FAQs On Districts In Maharashtra:

How Many Districts Are There In Maharashtra?

The State is divided into 36 districts, which are divided into six revenue divisions: Konkan, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Amravati, and Nagpur.

Which Is The Largest & Smallest District In Maharashtra By Area?

Ahmednagar district covering an area of 17,048 km2 (6,582 sq mi), is the largest district of Maharashtra. 
Mumbai City District is the smallest district of Maharashtra, with a total area 0f 36 km2

Which Is The Largest & Smallest District In Maharashtra By Population

Thane District is the most populated district in Maharashtra. Its Population as per census 2011 is 1.1cr. Sindhudurg District, with a population of 8.48 Lakhs is the least populated district in Maharashtra.

Which Is The Highest & Lowest Literacy Rate In District In Maharashtra?

Mumbai district has the highest literacy rate in Maharashtra, and its literacy rate is 90%. With a literacy rate of 63.04%, Nandurbar is the least literate district in Maharashtra.

Which Maharashtra District Is Highest & Lowest Male Female Ratio?

Ratnagiri district (1122) has the highest Male-Female Sex ratio in Maharashtra. Mumbai District (832) has the lowest male-female sex ratio in Maharashtra.

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