Indian States And Capitals, List Of All Indian States & Union Territories And Their Capitals

Indian States and Capitals: India is the largest democracy in the world. Also, India is home to more than 1.38 billion people, d.i.e, 1/5 of the world population living in India.

So It becomes challenging to manage such a large country from one place. That is why the “Indian Constitution” gives the right to the Central Government to make entities.

India is a country with 28 states and 8 union territories. Each state has its own unique culture, language, traditions, etc. This article will list all Indian States, union territories, and capitals. Also, I’ll tell some interesting facts about their formation and other things

Political Map Of India:

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Check out this latest Political map of India! It shows the total number and names of states in lavender and their capitals.

List Of All Indian States And Capitals:

StateFounded DateCapital
Andhra Pradesh1 Nov 1956Amaravati
Arunachal Pradesh20 Feb 1987Itanagar
Assam26 Jan 1950Dispur
Bihar26 Jan 1950Patna
Chhattisgarh1 Nov 2000Raipur
Goa30 May 1987Panaji
Gujarat1 May 1960Gandhinagar
Haryana1 Nov 1966Chandigarh
Himachal Pradesh25 Jan 1971Shimla
Jharkhand15 Nov 2000Ranchi
Karnataka1 Nov 1956Bengaluru
Kerala1 Nov 1956Thiruvananthapuram
Madhya Pradesh1 Nov 1956Bhopal
Maharashtra1 May 1960Mumbai
Manipur21 Jan 1972Imphal
Meghalaya21 Jan 1972Shillong
Mizoram20 Feb 1987Aizawl
Nagaland1 Dec 1963Kohima
Odisha26 Jan 1950Bhubaneswar
Punjab1 Nov 1956Chandigarh
Rajasthan1 Nov 1956Jaipur
Sikkim16 May 1975Gangtok
Tamil Nadu26 Jan 1950Chennai
Telangana2 June 2014Hyderabad
Tripura21 Jan 1972Agartala
Uttar Pradesh26 Jan 1950Lucknow
Uttarakhand9 Nov 2000Dehradun, Gairsain (Summer)
West Bengal1 Nov 1956Kolkata

List Of All Union Territories Of India:

Union Territory is ruled directly by a Lieutenant Governor as an administrator by the Central Government. He is the representative of the President of India and appointed by the Central government.

Note: After the repeal of the special status of Jammu & Kashmir in July 2019, on October 31, 2019, the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir was bifurcated into two union territories:
Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh
Therefore, now India has 8 Union Territories.

Union Territories NameFounded onCapital
Andaman and Nicobar Islands1 Nov, 1956Port Blair
Chandigarh1 Nov, 1966Chandigarh
Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu26 Jan, 2020Daman
Delhi9 May, 1905New Delhi
Jammu and Kashmir31 Oct 2019Srinagar (Summer), Jammu (Winter)
Lakshadweep1 Nov, 1956Kavaratti
Puducherry1 Nov, 1954Pondicherry
Ladakh31 Oct 2019Leh

List Of Largest And Smallest States And Union Territories:

Here is a list of the largest and Smallest states and Union Territories whit their total area.

Largest StateRajasthan342,239 Sq km
Smallest StateGoa3,702 Sq km
Largest Union TerritoryAndaman & Nicobar Islands8,249 Sq km
Smallest Union TerritoryLakshadweep32 Sq km
Largest DistrictKachchh (Gujarat)45,652 Sq km
Smallest DistrictMahe ( Pondicherry )9 Sq km

State Wise Population Of India In 2022:

  According to Census Population Projection Report India’s Population in 2022 is estimated to 13,75,586,000 (1.38 Billion or 138 Crore ) here are the Statewise Population

RankStates / Union Territories2011 Census2022 estimates
1Uttar Pradesh19,98,12,34123 Crores
2Maharashtra11,23,74,33312.44 Crores
3Bihar10,40,99,45212.30 Crores
4West Bengal9,12,76,1159.8 Crores
5Madhya Pradesh7,26,26,8098.45 Crores
6Tamil Nadu7,21,47,0307.65 Crores
7Rajasthan6,85,48,4377.92 Crores
8Karnataka6,10,95,2976.70 Crores
9Gujarat6,04,39,6927 Crores
10Andhra Pradesh49,386,7995.27 Crores
11Odisha4,19,74,2184.55 Crores
12Telangana35,193,978 3.80 Crores
13Kerala3,34,06,0613.55 Crores
14Jharkhand3,29,88,1343.85 Crores
15Assam3,12,05,5763.50 Crores
16Punjab2,77,43,3383 Crores
17Chhattisgarh2,55,45,1982.95 Crores
18Haryana2,53,51,4622.95 Crores
19Delhi1,67,87,9412 Crores
20Jammu & Kashmir1,22,58,4331.34 Crores
21Uttarakhand1,00,86,2921.14 Crores
22Himachal Pradesh68,64,60274 Lakhs
23Tripura36,73,91741 Lakhs
24Meghalaya29,66,88933 Lakhs
25Manipur28,55,79431.65 Lakhs
26Nagaland19,78,50222 Lakhs
27Goa14,58,54516 Lakhs
28Arunachal Pradesh13,83,72715.33 Lakhs
29Puducherry12,47,95315.71 Lakhs
30Mizoram10,97,20612.16 Lakhs
31Chandigarh10,55,45012 Lakhs
32Sikkim6,10,5776.77 Lakhs
33Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu5,86,95610.77 Lakhs
34Andaman & Nicobar3,80,5814 Lakhs
35Ladakh274,289 2.97 Lakhs

Important Facts Of Indian States And Union Territories:

  • Area-wise, the four largest states in descending order are Rajasthan> Madhya Pradesh> Maharashtra> Andhra Pradesh.
  • Goa is the smallest state of India area-wise.
  • The largest district in india is Kachchh (Gujarat), and the smallest district is Mahe (Puducherry)
  • The southern point of India is Indira Point and is situated on the island of Andaman and Nicobar.
  •  The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are also known as the Emerald Islands.
  • The world’s highest rail bridge is built on the Chenab River between Bakkal and Kauri in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • At over 19,300 feet, the Ladakh road is the highest motorable road globally.
  • In 2021 India recorded 26 official holidays, including Independence DayDeepavali, Holi, and Christmas.
  • Varanasi(Banaras or Kashi) is the most ancient surviving city in the world.

States And Capitals – FAQs :

How Many States Are There In India?

There are 28 states in India, as well eight union territories diffracted by their culture, language, tradition, etc. 

How Many Union Territories Are There In India?

There are 8 union territories in India at present.

What Is Literacy Rate In India 2023?

 According to official data, the overall Literacy Rate in India is about 75%.

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