EA FC 24: Web App & Companion App Confirmed Release Date, Start Time & Features

Are you excited about the upcoming release of EA FC 24? If you’re a fan of the FIFA series and the Ultimate Team mode, then you’ll be thrilled to know that the Web App and Companion App are here to enhance your gaming experience.

In this article, we will provide you with all the essential information about the release dates, features, and everything else you need to know about the EA Sports FC Web App and Companion App.

EA SPORTS FC 24 Details: 

Game Name EA SPORTS FC 24
Game Modemultiplayer
Release Date29 September 2023
 Pre-order NowFor Ps4 & PS5 –   EA SPORTS FC 24
For Xbox One/Series X –  EA SPORTS FC 24

The Importance of the Web App and Companion App

If you’re planning to immerse yourself in the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team mode, the Web App and Companion App are indispensable tools that will significantly improve your performance. It’s important to note that the Web App functions through your browser, while the companion app is specifically designed for smartphones, ensuring that you’re always just a tap away from the FUT action, no matter where you are.

To access the Web App, simply visit the official EA website on the device of your choice and sign in with your EA account, which includes your PlayStation or Xbox credentials. On the other hand, the Companion App requires a quick download to your phone. These apps provide you with early access to EA Sports FC 24, and the best part is that they offer this benefit at no cost. Now, let’s delve into the features and expected release dates of these exciting apps.

Features of the Web App and Companion App

While you won’t be able to play actual matches before the official release of EA FC 24 using these apps, they offer substantial benefits in the FUT mode, especially at the beginning of the season. For years, the Web and Companion Apps have been the preferred trading methods at the onset of a new game. Imagine being able to respond instantly to a surge in prices for specific players while you’re commuting, just like a Hollywood broker on the floor of the stock exchange, except you aren’t being paid.

Here are the key features you can expect from the Web App and Companion App:

  1. Access to the FUT Shop: These apps allow you to purchase, redeem, and open packs, giving you the opportunity to enhance your team with new players and items.
  2. Get active on the transfer market: You can sell cards you no longer need or sign new star players to strengthen your squad and dominate your opponents.
  3. Objectives, Squad Building Challenges, and FUT Rewards: Never miss out on new objectives and SBCs. Complete them to claim exciting rewards that will give you an edge in the game.
  4. Squad customization: Customize your line-ups and combine your best female and male superstars to create a formidable team that reflects your unique style of play.

Release Dates and Start Time

Now, let’s talk about the release dates and start time for the EA FC 24 Web App and Companion App. The new Ultimate Edition of EA FC 24 will go live on September 22, 2023, a week before the official release on September 29, 2023. However, the Web App will be up and running even before these dates.

EA has officially confirmed that the Web App will be launched on September 20, 2023, while the Companion App will follow on September 21, 2023. It’s important to note that the Web App typically goes live a day or two before the Companion App. So, keep an eye out for the launch of the Web App to start your gaming journey as early as possible.

Additional Information for the Launch

As soon as the Web App and Companion App are launched, there will be a surge of users rushing to access them, which may put a strain on EA’s servers. Therefore, it’s crucial to be prepared for potential long loading times and even service outages, especially on the release day of the apps. To stay updated on any issues or updates, we recommend following EA’s official Twitter channel.

When downloading the Companion App, we advise initiating the download from a Wi-Fi connection to save on data usage. While the exact size of the Companion App for EA FC 24 hasn’t been announced yet, it’s expected to be similar to its predecessor. For reference, the FIFA 23 Companion App required approximately 93 megabytes for iOS and around 43 megabytes of storage space for Android.

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